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What are people saying?

“Fast to learn, fun to play, eases the pain! I'm not normally a "gamer", but Conviction was super fast to learn and a ton of fun to play with my wife or friends.”
- Joseph, 38, California

“It's a great way to remember the fallen members of the administration and those that we're still waiting to convict. Love it!”
- Anisha, 23, Washington D.C.

“Loved this game! So relevant and clever (and I learned a lot!). The attention to detail in the images and text is impressive.”
- Tanvi, 40, New York

“At the end of the day, after playing the game through to the end over cocktails several evenings this Fall, I can say unequivocally that Conviction is one hell of a fun game.”
- Chelsea Hassler, PopSugar

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